Lately Luka (who is four) has been making art that looks like this. He’ll sit down, choose some colors carefully, and create an abstract masterpiece within a few minutes.

In contrast, I cannot make an abstract drawing to save my life. Everything I make looks so silly and contrived. (And honestly just…dumb. Ha!)

But I think Luka is better at this because he’s just making. He’s just experimenting, trying, and putting marks on his paper without thinking about whether or not people will like this on Instagram later. He’s enjoying what he’s doing. He’s not afraid of whether or not it will be a success or a failure. In fact, I’m positive he doesn’t associate fear at all with coloring a picture. I think the only emotions he associates are joy and maybe a little bit of freedom.

I want to create from that place.

Luka told me he titled this piece “Snakes”.


Some things I’ve enjoyed this week:

Bill Cunningham New York: go watch this documentary. Bill is fascinating, so it’s entertaining to watch, but his thoughts on art are really unique. I’m still pondering it.

This really wise quote on Austin Kleon’s tumblr.  BTW, his newsletter is usually my favorite email all week.

Alyson Fox’s instagram.  Interesting visual inspiration galore.