I’m terrible with New Year’s resolutions (is anyone actually good at them?!), so instead of making a long list of goals, I choose one word as my “theme” for the year.

Some friends told me about this idea a few years ago, and I’ve selected a word as my yearly “goal” for the two years since. It’s really simple and rad.

For 2016, I picked “joy”. Dumb.

Apparently just the act of saying “I want more joy!!!!” doesn’t change much. (I’ll liken it to Michael Scott declaring bankruptcy.) Maybe it was just too broad for me. So instead, I chose the word “silly”.

Now that it’s the end of 2016, I have to say I feel at least 10% sillier. (Also, I asked my husband, and he agrees.)

I sang loud songs in the car with my kids, ran through splash pads when them, cared less about what other people thought, jumped off a cliff, made things just for fun, got my hair wet, and generally just laughed more. And surprise! all of this brought me so much joy. Win-win-win.

Thanks for the laughs 2016. Long live silliness.


(Little collages made with magazine clippings and Elmer’s glue.)