Green Paper


Here’s something I really believe:

I don’t need a reason to make things.

If I have an idea, I don’t have to ask myself, “But can I sell this on Etsy?” or “But will my Instagram friends like this?”.

I should just make things because I want to sometimes.

If you need permission to make something you’ve been wanting to make, please see the above photos, which are of me, posing in front of 150 pieces of green paper that I folded over several early mornings and nap times while my kids were sleeping.

I sticky-tacked them up on to my living room wall, and left it up for a while.

And all I know is that it was really fun and that I learned things.


P.S. If I were cooler, I would have set this video to music.

But I did listen to this album  while I was putting this up (because we’re still on a Beatle’s kick over here), and it’s so good that I didn’t even notice I was doing, like, 150 squats. Hey-oh!