Cupcake Liners

A few weeks ago, Chelsea Francis and I hosted a Lisa-Frank inspired bridal shower for our friend Mindy. I was dressed like I was in The Babysitters Club, there was delicious food, and we celebrated Mindy (who is one of the greatest human beings I know). It was the best afternoon.

Mindy is a talented pastry chef, and she loves bright, cheerful colors, so I thought an installation out of pink cupcake liners would fit the bill.

Mid way through dyeing, shaping and stringing over 1000 cupcake liners, I had a very whiney and embarrassing breakdown, in which I told my husband that this installation was a piece of garbage.  I had made sketches and calculated things out, but nothing was turning out like I had envisioned. The dye wasn’t the color I wanted, the liners weren’t hanging right when I threaded them, etc. etc.

It was almost like I was mad at the installation itself. I caught myself thinking how dare you not turn out the way I want you son-of-a-gun?! I’m putting a lot of time into this here! Then, I cried like a small child.

I eventually calmed down, went to sleep, and looked at the project with fresh eyes in the morning. I reworked the way I hung things, I figured out how to make the colors fit my vision, and of course it turned out better than I had originally planned.

So next time, I’m not going to fight against the project. I’m going to work within my constraints, accept the challenges that come, and let it take shape.

Because, duh.

(8’x9′ installation made out of 1000+ cupcake liners dyed with Kool-aid. Special thanks to Anna, for helping me dye and for giving me some much needed perspective on life, Pei for being so accommodating, enthusiastic and supportive and for letting me hang this in her beautiful studio space, and to Niles for thinking I’m cute even when I’m just being a whiney baby. Top three photos by Chelsea Laine Francis –thanks Chelsea!!)